About us

Words have the power to inspire. Words can fuel dreams that build futures. At The Anchored Life our goal is to stand as a visible reminder of that possibility.

What we wear has long been a statement of what we believe, who we are, and who we want to be. At The Anchored Life we believe in honesty, simplicity, kindness, and the power of taking responsibility for your life. We believe that you CAN do what you put your mind to and that there IS good in every situation, but we also know that sometimes it helps to have the answer literally right in front of you…written on your chest.
Our goal at The Anchored Life is for every single person to find their anchor in life.

My anchors are God, my family, and my vision to inspire and impact others to not only overcome life's struggles but to walk through them proudly, creating a stronger anchor for their life and thus creating a legacy.